Want to try Blogging or Writing? Introducing Bloggers Incentives & Rewards!

Posted by Misfit Misfit

Think you have what it takes to be a Blogger, Writer or even a Podcaster? Need a site or place to publish them & call home?
We here at FantasyTools.com are always looking for ways to help add more content for our users as well as get players more involved in the everyday FT community.
So we have decided to offer our users what we are calling our "Bloggers Incentives".
In which, users can earn FREE APPs & Pro Rankings packages or, even entries into FT Exclusive Contests & FREEROLLS to win more cash!

Writers & Bloggers
We are looking for content in all area's of Fantasy Sports whether it be plays & advice to Proper APP use or even your general experience as a player. Whatever you want to talk about that you feel will be a benefit to our users. ( Please note That ALL PLAYER IMAGES must be added or approved by us here at FT. We have access to a large Bank of Photo's that are approved for use)
If you have a podcast or are currently looking to start one, please let us know & we will have a listen & let you know what we think. If we like what we hear or the concept that you push we will be happy to try to add you to our site and scheduling.

What you get!
On top of being associated with some of the legendary Names in Fantasy Sports, we will be picking the 10 best & highest ranked Blogs & Awarding them each a share of up to $275 each Month paid as follows in Site Cash from the Forum Sponsor. (Sponsor site to be Announced soon)
Top Blogger (4 Post Minimum) - $100 or a Full Season of the Salary Cap App for the site/sport of your choice along with a full Month of Pro Ranks!
2nd (3 post minimum) - $50 or 1 month of the Salary Cap App & Pro Ranks combo package for 2 sites of your choice.
3rd to 5th (2 post minimum) - $25 or a Month of the Salary Cap APP & Pro Ranks combo package for 1 site of your choosing.
5th to 10th (No minimum) - $10 or 2 weeks of the Salary Cap App & Pro Ranks combo package.

All Bloggers
All bloggers will also qualify for all of our Coming FantasyTools Promo's, Contests & Freerolls!
All to be announced shortly as we finalize our Sponsorship ties.
So what are you waiting for? Start your very own blog today & earn some extra cash while doing it!

Who do you contact?
If you are interested in submitting a blog or simply would like more detailed info, PLEASE CONTACT support@draftanalyzer.com and they will be sure to get right back to you with all the info you will need.

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