Using your Matchup blocker on sites & avoiding Condia & 1ucror

Posted by Misfit Misfit

If have been  playing DFS over the last few weeks, you have had to notice that Condia & 1ucror are making a play to cover nearly every game on sites. Thus making it impossible to play anyone other then their lineups.

We have gotten many questions on if there is any way to avoid them?

The answer is YES! Most sites have ways that you can avoid them in place and you need to start taking advantage of these aspects. Not only to avoid Condia but to not be a target of any of these teams of Pros & Sharks that fill the sites water.

Matchup Blockers

Many Sites such as DS, DK, DD, FF etc. offer what is called a Match up Blocker or Opponent Blocker.

These are most often located under MY ACCOUNT and need to be activated by you the user in order to take effect. These are self explanatory. If you select the option you can edit the users that you do NOT wish taking your games or that you do NOT wish to play against. So on some site you can actually tell them to NEVER match you against Condia and it will not.

Some simply prevent more then a certain of games being matched up against ANY opponent. Usually 5 or so but even that helps.

If you are looking to play multiple H2H's then these are the sites for you. You can post as many as you desire without having the fear that all 20 of them will be against the same player which completely defeats the purpose of posting games!

USE THIS MOST IMPORTANT OF FEATURES!! It is one of the BEST TOOLS the site offer you for your bankroll protection against the teams and Sharks.


If you have been playing at Fanduel you know that especially there, Condia and 1ucror have been targeting everything in site. They are a team and their rosters are ALWAYS the same. Playing one of them is the same as playing both.

Despite the fact that FD is the Largest of the sites they are clearly lacking and behind in many facets of site interface. NO MATCHUP BLOCKER IS ONE OF THEM!

This is clearly why the waters at FD are by far the most Shark filled you will find but even here there are things you can do to help prevent being as not as much of a target.

Fanduel has in place what they call "THE CONDIA RULE" in which, Neither He nor any other Shark can Target anymore then 5 of your posted games at any buy in level and game style.

We all know this is far from perfect but, at least it prevents them from gobbling up all your action.

Spend the time and DIG!

If you are playing at Fd the other option is to simply NOT POST GAMES! You spend the extra few minutes clicking on leagues to see who is in them. Click on the users to see their experience levels. If you do not like what you see then move onto the next. It is that simple!!

You spend time researching your plays and teams. Well, that is only part of the research that a successful DFS player needs to do. Study of match ups, opponents and contests styles is every bit as important and is often the difference in a highly successful player and a bankroll draining user.

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