User Blog: Dirty Vegas's NBA Weekend Warrior Report (Plays and Advice) Late Games: Sunday January 26th

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Weekend Warrior Report
Sunday January 26th

For the 6 games tonight, here we go. I am starting a new segment called Buy Sell Hold. For all five positions I will give my Buy Sell Hold for three players. Buy-strong performance with large return Sell-little to no return value or injured Hold-Steady player who has potential to play big or small, inconsistent

Buy S.Curry

Sell R.Rondo

Hold I.Thomas

Buy W.Mathews

Sell M.Ellis

Hold A.Affalo

Buy T.Harris

Sell J.Green

Hold K.Thompson

Buy L.Aldridge

Sell JJ.Hickson

Hold A.Davis

Buy A.Varejao

Sell D.Cousins

Hold M.Plumlee

Dirty Vegas' Top 8

1. G.Dragic avg 34 but playing Irvng and should put up solid numbers

2. A.Davis avg 42 playing a smaller line up in Orl and will be big tonight

3. V.Olidipo avg 40 is priced under his avg and is playing well

4. A.Drummond avg 42 playing a less atheletic team in Dal, should grab many reb

5. T.Lawson avg 41 Lawson has been Den motor and will continue to push it tonight

6. T.Harris avg 35 Is Harris the real deal, Orl needs him to be, I think he will be

7. A.Varejao avg 39 Varejao owns the month of January, you need to own him tonight

8. B.Jennings avg 32 Has put up to monster games and will do more damage tonight

Superstar of the Night -- L.Aldridge avg 59 L.Aldridge has been the premier big man in
the game today. Has surpassed K.Love in consistency as well.
Runner up of the Night -- S.Curry avg 53 S.Curry is by far and away the best PG in the
game. Gets you points steals and assists in the multitude. A must have any

Let down of the Night -- J.Green his cost does not outway his production and after the
big game he turned in, expectations have grown, but results have not

Cheap and Productive -- P.Pressey, R.Sessions, M.Thornton (if Cousins/Gay out)

As always, good luck and happy gaming!

Dirty Vegas

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