USER BLOGS: NBA Plays for DFS By Dirty Vegas! 2/1/14! BUY,SELL, HOLDS!

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Weekend Warrior Report
Saturday February 1st

12 games are slated for SuperBowl Eve! Prices reflect Since we get a break on Sunday, I will double up on the buy sell holds. I enjoy because there is a lot of carry over regarding positions (PG who can play SG who can play SF, etc)

Tonight is star power heavy and there is a lot of really good PGs out there. I suggest stacking as many as you can. At, you could even start four. I would have no less than two in my lineup tonight. PF are strong tonight also. You could fade away from the Durants and James if you wanted to and feel safe doing so.


*Point Guards*

Buy- B.Jennings -- $8000 -- Should produce his average of 41/fp against PHI easily

Buy- J.Wall -- $9300 -- Monster game after monster game, Wall benefits from a high tempo vs OKC

Sell -T.Burke -- $6000 -- Starting to fade away, needs a couple of good games again before I invest

Hold - M.Carter-Williams -- $8300 -- playing b2b versus a strong DET team, I'm a bit hesitant

Hold - G.Dragic -- $8200  --getting up there in price, the elbow worries me a little

*Shooting Guards*

Buy - L.Stephenson -- $7400 -- One of the best all-around guards, coming off triple double

Buy - K.Irving --$8500 -- A PG who can slot at the SG, HOU gives up a lot of points

Sell - J.Harden -- $8900 -- Hurt, not playing well and is overpriced, all bad combos

Hold - D.DeRozan -- $7100 -- Came back last night, look for him to get in game shape first

Hold - R.Jackson -- $6000 -- Priced well but has to chase Wall all night

Small Forwards

Buy - L.James -- $10500 -- LeBron in MSG, yeah, and it's on ESPN

Buy - K.Durant -- $11700 -- Maybe overpriced but may be the best NBA player in the game

Sell -R.Gay -- $7600 -- Only cause he's playing SAS, and they suck life out of you

Hold - C.Anthony  -- $10500 -- You want LeBron or Carmelo, hmmm, I like Melo at home

Hold - P.George -- $8900 -- In a shooting funk that has lowered his value, still a premier SF/SG

*Power Forwards*

Buy - A.Davis -- $9600 -- If he plays, I look for another block party against the smaller Bull lineup.

Buy - B.Griffin -- $9300 -- Other than Durant, maybe the hottest fantasy player, lower price too

Sell - D.Howard -- $9200 -- Selling the Rockets today, no bueno

Hold - K.Love -- $10900 -- Overpriced for his results, but he is always good for 50 fps

Hold - L.Aldridge -- #9800 -- IDK why, I kinda like TOR in this one, Aldridge will be good though


Buy - J.Noah -- $7700 -- His price makes him very reasonable and he's just good, at everything, 5-tool

Buy - A.Drummond -- $7700 -- Playing PHI, should pound them with his size and athleticism

Sell - M.Gasol -- $7000 -- Hasn't really gotten it going since coming back, look elsewhere for value

Hold - Z.Randolph -- $7900 -- That being said, I really like Randolph against that MIL team

Hold - D.Jordan -- $6900 -- If he only could make them darn free throws, rebound machine

**Dirty Vegas' Top 8**

1. L.Stephenson - TD last time out, I look for him to disassemble Bkn, and put up big numbers. He is price well for his production.

2. J.Smith - Averaging 51 against PHI this year

3. C.Anthony - I really like Melo in NY against Mia

4. J.Valanciunas - At $5800, I like JVs value, and at C, he allows you to go elsewhere to find star power tonight

5. Z.Randolph - Zbo should dominate the boards tonight and put up a nice DD against a weaker MIL frontline

6. L.James - King James in NY, what a game this should be!

7. K.Durant - I have no doubt that the Durantula keeps it rolling, he is just dominating the floor right now, no matter the price tag.

8. L.Aldridge - I know hes a hold, but I don't think TOR keeps him down, his price is going up, but he is a MVP candidate, and TOR will be in a b2b game, he would have been my third BUY

Superstar of the Night - A. Jefferson - $9400 -- He is priced a little below the superstars, but gives you 50-60 fp/night and he is playing very well. PHO doesn't have the muscle to stop BIG AL

Runner up of the Night - B. Griffin - $9300 -- No one other than Durant is hotter right now, and the offense runs through Blake. He is racking a lot of stats since Paul has been sidelined. He is also cost effective given his price

Let down of the Night - D. Howard/ J. Harden -- I am down on Houston, although they score a lot it seems, I just am not a believer in these two. They always let me down.

**Cheap and Productive (Values)**

A.Aminu -- $4700 -- Only if Davis out.

M.Belinelli -- $3900 -- Good source of cap relief while Ginobili is out.

T.Hardaway Jr. -- $4400 -- Wish they would start this kid, but he gets garbage time production.

B.Roberts -- $4300 -- Decent start at the PG position gets about 20-25/gm.

D.Carroll  -- $4300 -- Under priced, and is a good source of fantasy production.

A.Bennett -- $4600/T.Zeller -- $3900 -- Only if Varejao is out, I still like Zeller better.

R.Turiaf -- $3000 -- Getting the starting nod with Pekovic out.

As always, good luck and happy gaming!

Dirty Vegas

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Re: USER BLOGS: NBA Plays for DFS By Dirty Vegas! 2/1/14! BUY,SELL, HOLDS!

For me LeBron James is one of the top 10 NBA players of all time. Looking at his record of two NBA championships, four NBA MVPs, two NBA Finals MVPs, two Olympic golds, he may just be THE Best.