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BUY SELL HOLD Kevin Durant!!
Wednesday January 29, 2014 BUY SELL HOLD

Tonight I will cover with Draft Kings prices, because of the large field tournament that Draft Kings is hosting tonight.  (DET @ ATL game canceled) Good Luck and let’s get to it!!


BUY M.Carter Williams 8400 he’s back and should run round Rondo tonight
SELL R.Rondo 6600 is up and down right now and facing his first b2b game
HOLD G.Dragic 7800 still the main cog in the PHO offense, playing a weaker MIL team


BUY A.Affalo 6900 The SG pos is thin tonight, Affalo presents a decent value here
SELL J.Harden 9500 Too expensive with too big a risk at that price, still may be out
HOLD D.Wade 7000 If healthy, and he plays, he’s a stud, Health a definite concern


BUY L.James 10600 Who is better Durant or Lebron, LbJ is cheaper
SELL T.Harris 6600 We are paying for what he’s done, not what he does, overpriced
HOLD C.Parsons 7400 Poor showing last night against a good SAS team


BUY B.Griffin 9600 Playing a smaller WAS frontcourt, look for him to shine
SELL D.Howard 9300 Way too inconsistent at this price, spend money elsewhere
HOLD A.Jefferson 8900 One of the NBA’s top big men, can he get it going again


BUY C.Bosh 6800 The forgotten one, 34/gm last 3, & 33/10, he’s consistent and good
SELL T.Duncan 7700 I shy away fromm SAS superstars in b2b games
HOLD Z.Randolph 7500 Double/double machine, can he keep it going again tonight

Dirty Vegas’ Top 8

1. J.Wall 9300 a top talent averaging 43 fp/gm over his last ten games
2. A.Jefferson 8900 I look for the big man to bring it back tonight – 49fp/gm his last ten
3. K.Love 10900 Has not produced for his price, but is consistent -- 49fp/gm his last ten
4. A.Davis 10000 Block party last night, are we all invited again? 53fp/gm his last ten
5. M.Carter-Williams 8400 Look for the rookie to school Rondo all night 38fp/gm his last ten
6. K.Lowry 7900 Plays well at home, hit almost 60 fps last game, 40fp/gm his last ten
7. B.Griffin 9600 42fps/game his last ten should be an easy get against this WAS team
8. Z.Randolph 7500 Weaker SAC frontline should bode well for Zbo,  41fps/game his last ten

Star of the Night – K.Durant 11800.  But is he worth it.  Kevin Durant is the best fantasy player going right now, but are all the site pricing him out of contention to be played.  At his price tag of 11800 he needs to get you around 76-80 points to cover his price.  Or roughly one quarter of you points scored.  KD could do that, but at that price, it’s a tough pill to swallow, because even a stud 50 or 60 point night doesn’t cover his price.  

Runner up - L.James 10600.  Is he worth it? If Durant is the best, then James is the second best.  But can he cover his price tag.  At his current price he needs to gather 65-70 points.  Also doable by James.  Either way, this is going to be a helluva game tonight!  

5 under 5k

B.Diaw 3800
M.Belinelli 4000
R.Allen 4200
B.Roberts 4500
P.Beverly 4700

(DET @ ATL game canceled)
As always, good luck and happy gaming!
Dirty Vegas

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