NBA Plays & Advice for DFS Action! Sat/2/1/14! 50/50 Roster Constucting!

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*Today's Article*
Over the last few weeks I have been getting a lot of questions about how to go about constructing all the various types of rosters for the many different Contest styles.

In order to be able to best describe the processes and give relevant examples, each day over the next week I will Still be bringing you your Daily Play articles, but I will also be discussing a different Contest format in each one.
Please chime in with any questions you may have or just tell us if these articles help or what other type of content or articles you would like to see in the future?

***50/50's & Double Ups***
Today I will be discussing how I personally go about constructing my 50/50 or Double Up Rosters and what to look for compared to a GPP or H2H Lineup.

**Don't be that Guy!**
First off, know that despite how it may look, THERE IS NO EASY MONEY IN DFS! Not even 50/50's! Far too many see the dollar amounts on the boards or see the totals that the Top Players are making and think they can do it! Well, you can ONLY if you are willing to put in the same amount of effort that they do. These Players spend many hours going over every little bit of info they can find.
They earn every penny of it!
If you want to win Cash, it does not come FREE! You need to spend time and earn it just like the rest of us.
That takes Studying and effort! Plain and simple!

I am going to assume that you have looked at the news sources and checked for any injuries etc or at the very least read a few Blogs to give you some targets before you even start.

Now before you click on a single player, scan the ENTIRE player pool. Look for the obvious Plays and Value that stands out taking Mental Notes.
A huge mistake that people make is that they start adding players at PG and move on down the line.
What ends up happening is that by the time you reach the Real Value Plays, you have already spent out and will more often than not end up Fading from the Real Value you wanted on your rosters.
Seek out your Top Plays adding them!
That is when you come back to fill in the various blanks. After you have constructed your Main Body!

***Start by Building a GPP Lineup??***
As you know, scores can vary by as much as 50 to even 80 points or more from night to night. What I like to do is build a few GPP lineups as my initial Rosters. Why? You need to have a general idea on what type of night it is going to be and try to get an idea as to where that nights scores will end up. A TARGET NUMBER if you will.
This will help greatly when constructing our 50/50 lineups as it should give us a general idea of how much risk we need to take or not, now that we have our target numbers in place.
It also gives you a few examples of the types of rosters that your 50/50 lineups will be going against.

***Switch to Last 5 Game Stats not 3 Game***
In GPP lineups you need to get every point possible out of your rosters and to do this, you have to often take many risks and include "The Flavor of the Day" plays.
I tend to use a 3 Game Stat span & the obvious Cheap Plays for these rosters. You are seeking out the players with the highest ceiling or Boom potential.

*50/50's are the opposite of this*
Being consistent day in and day out is the ONLY way to profit at all playing 50/50's. You cannot afford to take risks and it is silly to even try. You do not have to be the highest scorer here. Just Solid nightly!

For these types of Plays and Contest styles I switch from a 3 to Last 5 Game Stats and look for as solid and as consistent numbers that I can find to reach my target scores.
No need to take risks! No need to Play " The Flavor of the Day" Plays.
Build Solid Rosters with players that put up consistent totals. It is that simple!
Always consider match-ups and injuries to both the player you are Rosterings team and the one he goes against as these are the factors that will make a good solid play a great one!

I will continue discussing as we go through our plays and try to give a few examples of some of what I have talked about along the way.

*Positional Play of the Day*
Brandon Jennings .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 40.8, 34.8, 44.7, 44.8, 8,  --- $7700 --- Jennings has been unusually consistent for him as you can see by his 5 days. I know he had that 8 stinker in there but, we have to chalk that one up as an incredibly off night. Jennings is also going against the awful Defense of the 76'ers which always means good things for a PG. I look for another very solid night from Jennings of low 40's with slight Boom potential added to that. Jennings makes for an excellent Play Option in ALL Contest Formats.

*50/50 Bigs*
John Wall .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 41.3, 35.1, 24.2, 43.6, 56.2, --- $8800 --- The only reason I have Wall ahead of Goran is that I feel he has slightly more Boom potential. Which is always nice to help back some of your other risk plays. That said, I do think Goran is the Safer Play Option but know Wall will finish in the low 40's and could Boom for another 10 if he gets into a shootout with Durant trying to one up each other.

Goran Dragic .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 42.1, 40.8, 42.3, 32.5, 40.3, --- $8700 --- Looking at Goran's 5 days you can see why he is not only worth his price but why he makes for about as solid of a 50/50 option as you can get. Totally solid numbers with little up and down variance. What more could you want? Look for Gorans solid and consistent totals to continue as he he is about one of the Safest Play Options you will find.

*GPP Counterpart*
Kyle Lowry .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 26.6, 53.9, 53.5, 34.8, 47.8, --- $9200 --- Lowry makes for an excellent Play in most any format on any given night. The injury to DeMar however sorts screws up the rotation as he gets worked back into the lineup. Even if it throws the pace off just a little that can mean 10 for our man as it did last game. That said, Lowry is capable of Huge Booms and if last Game was just an off night than I want his totals rostered! A solid Boom Option that does come with some slight risk. That makes him better suited for GPP lineups tonight.

*Mid-Priced Solid 50/50 Value*
Kyrie Irving .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 33.7, 38.1, 41.9, 30.6, 41.7, --- $8200 --- Kyrie has really stepped up his game over the last week as his 5 days show. Very solid and consistent numbers nightly! That is what you want to see for 50/50 lineups! You need to roster as many solid plays and guarantee as many points as you can get.
Mike Conley .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 33.6, 44.6, 33.1, 27.6, 25.3, --- $7700 --- Conley's numbers are not huge but, they are super solid and consistent. You need to lock as many solid points to your teams as you can. He always makes for an excellent option.

*GPP Counterpart*I am Fading Him*
Michael Carter-Williams .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 28.3, 29.5, 41.9, 23.6, 31.6, --- $8300 --- I do not like MCW at all here. He has been playing OK at best and is NOT worth this price. I still am seeing him on far to many rosters for the numbers he gives. If you must Play him, use him a a Lower Owned GPP Option that does have some Boom potential but you are far more likely to see 31 than 40.

*Mid-Priced 50/50 Value*
Darren Collison .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 28.5, 26.7, 27.1, 28.2, 36.2, --- $6700 --- Collison has been posting solid numbers for his price. He has very little Boom potential but also comes with almost no risk. That makes for the perfect 50/50 Play Option.

*GPP Counterpart*
D.J. Augustin .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 23.8, 27.2, 35.7, 16, 41.5, --- $6400 --- When you compare D.J's totals to Collison they are very similar in most ways and the overall Average is nearly identical. D.J. however is a bit up and down. Lower lows and higher highs. That makes him an excellent GPP play Option as we can most likely count on decent numbers but yet have that added Boom factor.

I am not sure that many of my Plays at Sg have much of a GPP counterpart as I see little Value at all other than the few players I name. I would stick with these Plays in most any contest format.

*Positional Play of the Day*
Lance Stephenson .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 36, 44.8, 41.5, 43, 18, --- $7900 --- I would hope this far in that you can see why Lance is here? He totals are as solid as any player you will find. Always consistent and comes with very little risk. That makes him and excellent Play Option in ALL Contest Formats.

Brad Beal .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 28.5, 30.5, 37, 36.7, 22.6, --- $6800 --- Beal has finally come around and is playing like the player he was last year. His totals are not huge but, they are consistent! That is the theme of the day here folks! They have also lifted the minutes restriction on him finally which only spells better things to come. Look for Beal to have another solid night in the low to mid 30's.

*GPP Counterpart*Huge Risk*
Tyreke Evans .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 20.7, 13.5, 46.9, 0, 22.1, --- $6500 --- The only reason to even consider Fading off of the other Plays here is because you are seeking out a Low Owned Risk Boom. I see few options other than Tyreke. He is capable of huge nights and will be very low owned. Be aware that you are as likely to get 20 as 40. Those are the risks you need take in GPP lineups. I will NOT be taking him often but will do so in one or 2 lineups as a Fade option.

Terrence Ross .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 31.7, 29.6, 20.4, 62.3, 9.2, --- $5400 --- If DeMar looks to be limited again tonight at all I think it safe to roll with Ross as a cheaper play option here. You can see he has been very solid for his Salary even as it increases daily. If you need to free up some cash with little risk, look to Ross.

Rodney Stuckey .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 22.6, 24.3, 10.4, 23.9, 39.5, --- $4900 ---
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 7.9, 21.1, 22.4, 26.4, 26.2, --- $3800 ---
Both Kent & Stuckey have been posting decent numbers for their price and both are usually low owned. Yes both are capable of a stinker every now and then as you can see by stuckeys 10 and Kent's 7 in there but, other than that, Solid numbers for the Price at little enough risk to consider them both playable in ALL Contest Formats. They also have an excellent match-up against the awful 76'ers which always ups ones Value a bit.

*Cheap Risk Option*
Thabo Sefolosha .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 28.6, 32, 20.3, 10.2, 13.4, --- $3900 --- Thabo has stepped it up the last few games and has been posting decent Value. I am not taking the risk often but do admit I will take advantage here and there to free up much needed cash.

*Positional Play of the Day*
Josh Smith .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 24.4, 39.6, 33, 27.2, 32.2, --- $8000 --- Not the most consistent numbers I know. However sometimes even in 50/50 lineups you have to play the best match-ups and Smith has it. Tonight the 76'ers come to town and I look for Huge things from Smith tonight. I see a low 40's as a lock with added Boom potential on top of that. Making him an excellent Play Option in ALL Contest formats.
*GPP Counterpart*
Rudy Gay .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 57.4, 29.9, 0, 0, 0, --- $7300 --- Before Gay got hurt he was the ultimate example of a GPP play. He was as Boom or Bust as they get. Posting either Teens or 50's. Talk about a huge point swing! With the other players going tonight he is also sure to be extremely Low Owned making him an even better GPP Option as well.

*Excellent Mis-Priced Value in ALL Formats*
DeMarre Carroll .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 32.8, 28.6, 24.2, 0, 30.6, --- $5900 --- Carroll has been posting very solid for his salary and I consider him a very Safe Play Option in all types of Formats. There really is not a lot of Cheap Value that I see, so you will have to try and save someplace. Carroll frees up a good amount at almost no risk at all.

J.R. Smith .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 30.8, 29.7, 28.2, 24.2, 27.1, --- $5500 --- Smith has been posting solid totals over the last week and comes at a reasonable price. As you see from his 5 days he comes with almost no risk as well. I am finding it hard to come up with the Salary for the Higher priced play here so I will be going with Smith & Carroll or Smith & Smoove, on most of my personal rosters. Both GPP and 50/50 lineups.

*Positional Play of the Day*
Blake Griffin .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 37.6, 43.8, 32, 41, 52.1, --- $97000 --- The only reason I have Blake here above the others is that he slightly cheaper and I think we are going to need every spare dollar we can get. That said, I think ALL these guys are Killer value tonight and can go off. Blake is just the cheapest of them.

Kevin Love .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 50.2, 51.2, 42.6, 37.6, 54.8, --- $10900 ---
Anthony Davis .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 0, 60.9, 64.3, 37.6, 34.2, --- $10000 ---
 Both of these guys are set to have huge games here. Hard to choose between so, I will not, lol. However I will be fading back and fourth in ALL my GPP lineups between these guys.

*Mid Priced Fade Option*Decent 50/50 Value Play*
Zach Randolph .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 47.4, 36.4, 41.5, 35.9, 26.1, --- $7700 --- Zach has been posting solid enough totals and comes at a price that even with these Bigs going, puts him in play. Zach can go off on any night just like any of them and comes at 2 to 3 k less! I do not see anything wrong with locking a mid 40's to my rosters at this price in ANY Contest format.

*Excellent Overall Value Play*
Nene Hilario .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 32.6, 30.4, 30.2, 28.6, 34.2, --- $6500 --- I think Cost Per dollar wise, Nene is the play of the day at this position. He is sure to post another mid 30's for our dollars and comes with little to no risk as you can see from his 5 days. If you are trying to free up some cash go with Nene and feel safe you did so.

*GPP Counterpart*
Greg Monroe .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 26.7, 33.8, 19.7, 32.8, 15.1, --- $6400 --- When you compare him to Nene, Monroe's overall average is about the same. How he reaches those averages is not. Far more up and down play. Tonight he has the better match-up by far though going against the 76'ers. That should spell a bit of a Boom for him as it has most anyone playing the Sixers making him an excellent Play Option in GPP Formats.

*Cheapest Value*
Gustavo Ayon .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 21.9, 24, 16.8, 29.4, 0, --- $3900 --- If you are willing to take a low to mid 20's to free up a ton of cash, Ayon is about your only cheap safe bet to do so. Not much Cheap Value tonight at all and you may need to take advantage where you can.

This is another position tonight where I do not see many other Real Value Options. Meaning that I am going to be roster the players below in ALL Formats.

*Positional Play of the Day*
Andre Drummond .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 38.4, 13.7,  50.5, 39.5, 34.2, --- $7500 --- Drummonds numbers are pretty solid and, he comes at a Mid tier price. Tonight he gets the 76'ers who are awful against Big men and I expect huge things from Drummond tonight! Yes, he will be highly owned but, do you really want to be the one left out? He is a Lock to go for near 40 with added Boom potential on top of that. Making Drummond an excellent Play option in ALL Contest Formats. He will be the Center on most ALL of my lineups tonight.

Al Jefferson .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 71.6, 51.6, 52.1, 37.8, 37.5, --- $9500 --- Al has bee killing it lately! Posting monster totals night in and out. I do think he comes in a bit tired here but he is also the cheapest of the BIGS at any position. I think Big Al comes in the Mid 40's tonight making him a solid Safe option.

*Mid-Priced 50/50 Play Option*
Chris Bosh .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 28.3, 35.5, 40.2, 23.2, 28.4, --- $6900 --- Bosh is another guy that has been has playing very consistent for his price. He is also capable of a slight Boom night every now and then for some added value to boot. Decent Value that comes with almost no risk as you see from his 5 day totals.

*Cheap Value 50/50 Play Option*
Tyson Chandler .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 25.6, 27.6, 37.8 15.2, 33.3, --- $5500 --- Tyson has been decent for his price but comes with little Boom potential beyond Mid 30's. That is OK at this price as long as he does it nightly for us. If you are trying to go cheap I think Tyson is the Safest play.

*Cheap GPP Play Option*
Jonas Valanciunas .... Last 5 Games (FD)/ 21.6, 33, 37.1, 30..9, 12.2, --- $5500 ---Jonas has been posting decent totals over the last week for his price but does come with risk. I am also not a huge fan of the matchup against POR. If you are looking to go on the cheap here and possibly see a bit of a Boom for your dollars I see Jonas as about your only option.

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