NBA Plays & Advice by @dailyfantasysr for Thursday 2/20/14

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Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks for FanDuel, DraftKings and DraftStreet 2/20/14

After a furious onslaught of games after the All-Star Break, we take this Thursday to grab a breath, collect our thoughts and entertain a small slate of NBA action. I think we've earned it. With small slates of games it's crucial you don't make lineup errors. Be meticulous with your construction and extract every little bit of value. Also be sure to sign up for our free Ebook on setting your lineups with precision each night. And finally, don't forget to follow DFSR on Twitter at On to the picks.

Point Guards

Mario Chalmers FD $5,000 DK $5,100 DS $10,926 Chalmers has seen an uptick in production of late mostly because his assist and steal numbers have seen an increase. The latter is definitely not sustainable, but seven assists a game for Chalmers is completely reasonable. On a night limited in options, I think Chalmers represents a fairly safe proposition against the Thunder. Brandon Knight FD $6,700 DK $6,700 DS $13,675 You are going to see a bunch of Bucks on this list tonight. I don't feel great about it, but what can you do? We don't have a ton of choices and these losers are priced like losers ought to be priced. Low. Knight actually is one of the few consistent bright spots on the team. This is mostly because he's one of the few guys who's avoided injury and hasn't had his minutes screwed around with. I think you are going to see him as a heavy percentage start and I probably would just roll with it. Patrick Beverley FD $5,200 DK $5,400 DS $9,410 Much more attractive on DraftStreet than the other two sites, but if you want to get a little sneaky you can give him a whirl.

FanDuel Value

Nate Wolters FD $4,300 Do you dare start Wolters and Knight together in your PG slot? You'll see it done and it might not be the worst idea in the world (he says now). Wolters is criminally underpriced on FD and had been playing steady minutes. Honestly, he's nearly a must start on FD tonight.

Shooting Guards

Not a ton of quality options here tonight. Klay Thompson FD $5,900 DK $6,300 DS $10,659 More of a safe option than an upside play, Thompson doesn't have the type of game that lends itself to a high ceiling. He simply doesn't rebound or assist enough to ever crush his salary. I'd probably avoid him on DraftKings for the price, but is in play on the other two sites. Randy Foye FD $6,400 DK $5,700 DS $11,076 How many times will I get burned by Foye before I learn? The last few games have been disasters and it doesn't look like Lawson will play tonight either, placing Foye back at the point. It isn't his natural position, but the the Nuggets are so decimated in the backcourt that he's been forced into action. I'm holding out hope. He's put up some monster lines from the point and I think he can do it again. Really attractive price on DraftKings. Evan Fournier FD $4,000 DK $4,200 DS $9,944 Last game Jordan Hamilton started at the two, but Fournier was the guy who won the day. I hate being reactionary with these picks as next game it could easily be Hamilton again. That's the way these things go, especially with outside shooters. But if you think Fournier will get thirty minutes again he makes a somewhat attractive tournament play.

Small Forwards

Kevin Durant FD $12,100 DK $11,600 DS $23,814 This pick comes with a slight asterisk. * See it? While I have Durant on the list here, he isn't necessarily so highly rated in our system. I'm putting him here for a couple of reasons. One: If you are trying to decide between Lebron or KD tonight, I would go with Durant (though it's close). Wanted to make sure you knew our stance. Second: I think at times our system struggles a bit with the upper echelon of players because some defensive matchups for these guys just don't fall into normal parameters. Because of this, they will rarely be labeled "value" in the system. But if you can afford Durant because of a few cheaper options elsewhere, I think you can justify it. Just know that from a dollar/ point expectation he isn't blowing it away at these salaries. Caron Butler FD $4,500 DK $3,600 DS $8,775 Khris Middleton FD $5,000 DK $4,700 DS $9,442 God I hate the Bucks. Have I mentioned that before? I feel like I've mentioned that. No one ever knows who will be good, who will get the minutes, who will avoid injury, etc. It's a mess. That being said, both of these guys have reduced pricetags and Denver isn't exactly a group of defensive juggernauts. I don't feel great about even mentioning these names here, but remember you are devoid of quality options.

FanDuel and DraftKings Value

Andre Iguodala FD $5,100 DK $5,900 Draymond Green FD $3,500 DK $3,900 I like these guys both a lot more if Bogut sits again. Even if Bogut plays though, Iggy is serviceable just from the standpoint that he sees his minutes. He isn't crazy consistent but it's a risk I'd be willing to take on a night short of plays. Especially if I wanted to avoid the Bucks disaster.

Power Forwards

Only two guys I' targeting at this position tonight. John Henson FD $5,700 DK $5,700 DS $12,568 When he's out there getting his run, he's nearly a lock to meet these salaries. With Larry Sanders out indefinitely and the rest of the interior players operating at varying levels of terrible, Henson is a nice option tonight. On FanDuel and DraftKings he's a guy you probably shouldn't avoid. Case is a bit closer on DraftStreet, but I'd still feel confident playing him. It helps him considerably that the Nuggets are among the worst in the league against opposing power forwards. David Lee FD $7,900 DK $7,500 DS $15,805 If you aren't playing Lebron or Durant, I think you can get a few midrange values in your lineup. Lee is perfect in this respect as he has the ability to put up some bigger lines. Last time they played the Rockets, Lee had a 23/10 line with a couple of blocks. I think this kind of stat line is in play again tonight. For our system, he represents a great buy.


J.J. Hickson FD $6,400 DK $5,900 DS $12,305 The Bucks don't really have a true defensive center playing for them and though Hickson isn't your traditional big man, he should have plenty of opportunity against the Milwaukee interior. He's been a bit up and down lately, but that's helped his price.

FanDuel and DraftKings Value

Dwight Howard FD $9,100 DK $9,900 Solid price tonight and the way you want to go if you're fading Lebron and Durant. This is an especially attractive play if Bogut is out again as the Warriors won't really have anyone down low who can handle Dwight. Timofey Mozgov FD $3,600 DK $3,800 DS $8,390 If you are looking for cheap to fit those big boys into your lineup consider Mozgov who gets get about 20+ minutes a game and has been crushing these salaries. Return Home:


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