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The following is a breakdown by position of players worth targeting for tonight's slate of games. I'll feature a few “Top Targets” and give you the “Best of the Rest” to include other options that are set to hit their relative value as well. Salaries and position eligibility are specific to FanDuel for the purpose of this article, but some values are likely to translate to other sites.

Stephen Curry $10100- This Splash Brother has topped 55 fpts in four of five, and the odd game out was against the stingy IND defense. With the values today it should be easy enough to lock in the top overall PG and work backwards.

Kyrie Irving $8100- Kyrie has his legs under him after a rocky stretch. He's averaging 39 fpts over his last five which is exactly what he needs to hit his price tonight. Aside from their mascot, the Pelicans strike fear in no one. It looks like Varejao will sit, while Deng will be at least hampered by his sore achilles if not also riding the pine tonight, giving Irving an even larger guaranteed role as the primary playmaker. As a bonus, he's rocking one of the most drastic home/road splits in the league this year...averaging 5.3 points & 3.0 assists MORE per game at home in 2.7 extra minutes for a stellar 40 fpt average.

Brandon Jennings $7600- After starting the month with 25% shooting clip over eight games, Jennings has come alive to knock down 28-61 in his past three games...with 18+ shots and 37+ mins in each. On one hand those were against DAL, NO & MIL, but tonight's home bout with ORL is right in line with those ripe matchups. The Pistons are 7 point favorites in a 207 o/u game at home and there's a good chance Jennings is leading the charge.

Patrick Beverley $4800- It's difficult to find any reliable cheaper option at PG today, so Beverley backs into that title. He'll be a under-the-radar (like DeMarre Carroll yesterday) since he drastically underperformed in his last two. However, both of those games were against Conley's shutdown defense, holding Beverley to a putrid 4-22 shooting combined. He still played 33+ mins in three straight and tonight's game against the Spurs sports the highest o/u at 211. I would expect Beverley to bounce back after the Rockets were held to under 90 points in b2b games against a defensive-minded team.

Phil Pressey $3600- There's speculation that Rondo will sit either tonight or tomorrow due to the b2b. If this is the case it may make more sense to let him play in front of the home crowd tomorrow and shred the sorry Sixers backcourt. IF Rondo is announced out, Pressey should take over at PG and could be a solid source of value. He put up 28 fpts in his last spot start for Rondo, but hit 5-6 from range which is unsustainable. Make sure Bayless is also sitting in this scenario and think of Pressey as a 20-25 fpts range player.

Lance Stephenson $7800- He continues to sparkle in a magical breakout season for IND. Topping 40 mins in four of five and 16+ shots in each of those efforts, Sir Lancelot has been crowned fantasy royalty with his stat-stuffing ways. Tonight's game against the Lakers projects for 205 points and Vegas is putting the Pacers responsible for 107, which they've only hit five times all year. Stephenson figures to be a huge part of that output.  

Victor Oladipo $7100- DFS players have kept close tabs on Oladipo's rookie year trends, knowing his potential on the Magic roster and ability to contribute in all five categories. Even in a game with just 5 combined rebounds and assists last time out he tacked on 5 steals to save his line. Afflalo has recovered to shoot much better in his last two (23 & 25 actual points), but 'Dipo topped him by 6 fpts in each game without needing as high of a shooting clip. Therefore I prefer Victor for the $800 more. I worry about random downgames from him, but tonight the table is set without any other premium options at SG so don't miss out on his ceiling.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope $4000- It feels strange to type that out, but KCP is locked into huge mins for DET in his rookie year and finally starting to produce some value. He's topped 40 mins in three of five (one of the other two was a rare foul trouble issue) and 11 steals in his last four have been a particular boon to his fantasy production. He's a low ceiling player but squeezing 20-24 fpts could be enough to afford a top option elsewhere. He's ranged 21-24 fpts in his last three.

Gerald Wallace $4100- Since taking over a starting spot with Bradley going down, Wallace has 22 21 38 fpts in those three games. He played over 40 mins in two of those, and hasn't taken more than 8 shots which means his production should be more reliable as he is contributing in other ways and getting the hustle points. I can't remember the last time a 7-game slate yielded so few targets, so Gerald is at the top of the list at SF.

Andre Iguodala $5600- Iggy finally hit double-digit scoring in his last two after a four-game drought. He's not a flashy fantasy pick, but he's the 2nd best value for a reliable role on a high-scoring team and sees 35 mins of floortime. This price asks for 27 fpts from him, but falling a little short could still be optimal with how scarce SF production is tonight. 34 25 19 20 fpts in his last four.

James Johnson $5200- From the fan's perspective, JamesJ's resurgence after getting kicked to the curb by the entire league is perplexing. He has reinvented himself after losing a ton of weight and might have the highest block-to-rebound ratio I've ever seen. He's inconsistent due to his bench role though, so he makes a better GPP pick than 50/50 or H2H. His game log shows 35 29 9 22 46 20 fpts and needs 25 to hit his cost tonight. If you dislike one of the Top Targets or would prefer to go with a higher ceiling option then Johnson fits the bill. NOTE: Make sure Tony Allen is still sidelined with his injury. Allen returning would shift Johnson into a timeshare with Courtney Lee off the bench.

Carmelo Anthony $10800- In the two games since Bargnani went down, Melo has taken the entire offense on his back (even more than usual) to the tune of 97(!) points on 66 shots. Both games he brought the W to the home crowd and tonight he'll be focused on the same. Especially appealing is his crazy high floor when taking SO many shots. He's topped 45 fpts in each of his last five and needs 52 for value tonight. I'm not interested in missing out if he has another epic performance.

Anthony Davis $9700- For $1100 less you take on a bit more risk with Davis under Melo and keep most of the upside. If some news breaks today that opens up cheaper options elsewhere then it might be prudent to lock both toptions into your lineups. He's put up 6+(!) combined blocks & steals in each of his last four games and gets a terrific matchup against an undersized Cavs team that could be without leading rebounder Varejao. 40 mins against Tristan Thompson and Tyler Zeller could yield terrific results.

Boris Diaw $3900- Nothing exciting here, but Diaw has averaged 23 fpts in his last three, coinciding with Kawhi's absence. I never expect Diaw to seize the moment or anything, but if you're going to dip under the Top Targets at PF today he's your best bet. SA/HOU has the highest o/u at 211 and Diaw is a big man that knocks down threes (8-9 combined in last three), so the Dwight defense effect shouldn't alter his offensive production. If his shot isn't falling, though, you could be stuck with a 15 spot which isn't enough to cover even this low price.

Tyson Chandler $5100- One game after dropping an unpredictable 15 fpts dud on Friday, Chandler came back with 33fpts on Sunday. The low game was a fluky combination of early foul trouble mixed with a massive blowout win, limiting him to just 19 mins. He's still a 30-35 minute player that projects for a steady 30 fpts each night, and especially in a matchup with the undersized Celtics.

Marcin Gortat $6700- He comes into tonight with a double-double in four of five and very steady production. His shot totals haven't spiked which indicates a sustainable stretch. Last matchup with GSW Gortat posted 20 fpts in 20 mins before coach Wittman pulled the plug on many starters. Since a report on Friday indicating Bogut is playing through a knee issue, opposing Centers have fared extremely well (Robin Lopez 24 fpts in 24 mins, Pekovic 39 in 33 mins).

Tyler Zeller $3500- IF Varejao is ruled out and you absolutely need the $1600 savings under Chandler then Zeller is the guy. He doesn't have an impressive body of work, but starter minutes could give him the bump he needs to get to the 15-20 fpts range, while paying for other top guys.

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