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The following is a breakdown by position of players worth targeting for tonight's slate of games. I'll feature a few “Top Targets” and give you the “Best of the Rest” to include other options that are set to hit their relative value as well. Salaries and position eligibility are specific to FanDuel for the purpose of this article, but some values are likely to translate to other sites.

Brandon Jennings $8500- He's played big minutes with big results in his last four, averaging 46 fpts on more than 18 shots and 9.5 assists in 41 minutes. Tonight's bout with the Spurs sports a 205 o/u and the Pistons are only 3 point underdogs at home. Jennings has topped 41 fpts in six of nine, which is what he needs at this price.

Brandon Knight $6600- You can officially crown Knight a reliable piece on the most unpredictable team of the season. Larry Drew has played him over 35 minutes in each of their last four, averaging 20 shots and 7 assists in that span. With Butler/Mayo out, and Ersan/Larry Sanders questionable, expect Knight to shoulder the offensive load yet again. He gets to face Boston without Rondo tonight and the Bucks are only 2 point underdogs at home in a game where they should be fresher than their opponents.

Ricky Rubio $6700- Don't look now but the Spaniard enters tonight with three straight double-digit scoring efforts, for just the second time all year. It's the First time he's taken 10+ shots in three straight and not coincidentally it comes as Love battles an injury, Pek is still out, and KevMart is sidelined. He may not match his 40 fpts output from last game if Love plays...but peg Rubio for 30-35 on average with his current team environment.

Stephen Curry $9900- Curry would be higher on this list if it wasn't for the extreme blowout risk tonight for the Warriors hosting the Sixers on a B2B (GS -14.5). At the beginning of the year, Steph tagged PHI for a triple-double with 5 steals (58 fpts) in just 29 mins. He could repeat this feat, but paying this much for a guy that likely won't top 35 mins is tough. I would prefer mixing him in if David Lee sits again, offering up more shots to go around. Problem with the Sixers, though, is anybody can score on them so they may rely less on their All-Star Point Guard. PHI went down 100-51 at one point last night @ LAC.

Nate Wolters $3900- Difficult to predict when he'll go off, but Wolters has shown some ceiling at his low price as a starter. 32 16 10 15 30 fpts log shows the risk/reward you're working with here. On a night with plenty of dependable values, mark him as a GPP only option.

Randy Foye $6500- Tough matchup with IND tonight, but Lawson is out and that means as much run for Foye as he can handle. He put up 27 fpts in 32 mins on Jan. 25 against the Pacers, and that was with Lawson playing. Expect an increase in assists (set career-high with 16 last time Lawson sat) but also more turnovers (coughed it up 8 times in that same game). He should be a high floor player in this role.

DeMar DeRozan $8800- After posting a monster 60 fpts game against the Clippers last time out, DeRozan draws the Pelicans tonight at home. There's some blowout risk with the Pelicans on a B2B but with DeMar leading the charge for his team he should have every chance to hit value again tonight at his high price. It helps in taking him that the lower-priced SG's are less dependable than values at other positions.
Danny Green $4400- He dropped off sharply last game putting up 10 fpts after two 35's in a row. Green is still worth a look at this price for as long as Kawhi is out. Even if he settles in as a 25 fpts type of player it's above this cost.

Evan Fournier $3500- He won't be starting for Lawson unlike last time, but Fournier figures to pick up more minutes tonight with the Nuggets short-handed. Perhaps relegate him to a GPP option since he could knock in 25-30 fpts at this price, but it's hard to depend on Fournier without the starting role playing heavy minutes from a couple weeks ago. In the two-game stretch that Lawson missed, Fournier put up 20+ shots in each.

Khris Middleton $5100- He may be middle-priced, but Khris has been yielding top production at the SF position in his last couple games, after Caron Butler was sidelined. There's no reason to think he'll slow down since the Bucks are still just as injured and are only 2 point underdogs vs. BOS on a B2B.

Corey Brewer $4900- It looks like Brewer may be the biggest beneficiary of the KevMart injury after he put up a 26-7-2-1 line last game on 23(!) shots. If Love comes back tonight it'll surely cut into that workload, but Brewer moving to the 2-guard spot could have a lasting increase in his fantasy output. At this price, it's worth the risk to find out. With Budinger starting alongside him instead of backing him up at SF, the minutes should stay way up for Brewer (40 mpg last two).

Josh Smith $8400- When he's hot, he's hot. After shooting just 9-30 over a two game stretch, Smith has stormed back to go 34-62 in his last three. He's easily the top candidate at SF to crack 40 fpts tonight, but just know that it's not always roses with Joshy's up and down season. It's encouraging that he's added 6+ assists in four of five as well.

Jeff Green $6300- He's played better recently in games that Rondo played...but Green faces the Bucks and has averaged 29 fpts in 36 mins per game in 13 B2B's this year. In a projected close game he has a great shot to exceed his price, but be wary of the risk of his sub-25 fpts games.

Chase Budinger $3700- If you must dip to the bottom of the barrel at SF tonight, Chase is your most bankable option. Last game with KevMart and Love out, Budinger started and put up his best game of the season with 26 fpts in 29 mins on 6-12 shooting. With so little body of work to go on, it's difficult to figure out where he'll settle in (especially if Love plays), but as a starter on a high-scoring team there's room for him to reach 20 fpts consistently in this role.

Andre Iguodala $5100- GPP only option at SF tonight, Iggy destroyed his former Sixers team at the beginning of the year with a 32-3-3-3-1 line in 33 mins (47 fpts). He won't knock down another 7 triples like that night, but after playing with Evan Turner for a couple years as teammates maybe there's something here in Andre's giant game. He hasn't topped 30 fpts in any of his last six, which is why he's not a dependable H2H or 50/50 option.

Jared Sullinger $6500- Sully's price has not caught up to his product since his minutes spiked up the past five games (33-39 mins). He's double-doubled in all five with an average of 42 fpts in that fantasy-friendly stretch. Tonight he faces the Bucks...and could start opposite Zaza Pachulia. Fire at will.

John Henson $5700- Ilyasova (back spasms) and Larry Sanders (eye) are both questionable. Henson would benefit greatly with either of them out tonight after he dropped 36 fpts in 41 mins against the Rockets bigs last game in a start for Ersan. Ilyasova is a risk for poor production even if he returns tonight so Henson looks like a solid pick regardless on a night with surprisingly little PF value. The Celtics don't offer much by way of size.  

Anthony Davis $9900- Based on matchup alone Davis is a terrific target tonight. However, the Pelicans are on a B2B after going down 48-21 @ BKN last night.  He helped them storm back to stay in the game but if they go down 15-20 tonight he may not be so lucky to play through the fourth. With so many question marks at the position, still chalk him up as the toption at PF.

Dante Cunningham $4700- IF Love is out, Cunningham is in line for another crack at a big game as a starter. He's put up 33 & 42 fpts in 39 & 43 mins in the two games Love has sat recently. So, if Cunningham is starting and Henson isn't...swap their spots on this list.

Boris Diaw $4300- If you needed anymore evidence of how thin PF is tonight, here it is. IF Splitter is out again, Diaw is upgraded against the big DET frontcourt. He put up 24 fpts in 33 mins last game as a starter and the Spurs would definitely need his size on the defensive end against the Joshy/Monroe/Drummond trio.

Dwight Howard $9100- In a matchup normally saved for video games, Dwight battles Ronny Turiaf tonight. Outside of two predictably low-scoring losses to MEM recently, Dwight has averaged 47 fpts in his last six games including 54+ in his last two. The salary cap is pretty loose tonight so it's not difficult to make room for the top Center.

Andre Drummond $8500- Only foul trouble can hold Drummond back, but even then he's posted double-doubles in six straight and 13 of 14. There should be plenty of room on the boards against the Spurs, and if Splitter sits he's upgraded a bit more as well.

Zaza Pachulia $4300- IF Larry Sanders AND Ersan Ilyasova are out against, Pachulia is drastically underpriced. He put up 32 fpts in 29 mins last game in relief of Sanders (and against Dwight), with 24 & 25 fpts in just 22 & 18 mins the two games before. If he's not starting, though, much of the appeal is gone.

Jonas Valanciunas $5500- His minutes have been down in the last couple (23 & 21) with 4 & 5 fouls in tough matchups with Blake/DeAndre and Cousins. Jonas has still averaged 29 fpts over his last eight games and faces a Pelicans team that allowed Mason Plumlee to light them up last night (47! fpts in 28 mins).

Jermaine O'Neal $3700- If Pachulia isn't starting...and David Lee & Andrew Bogut are BOTH out, O'Neal is the most attractive bottom-dip at Center in a matchup with PHI. Don't expect his minutes to spike up more than the 25-30 he's played in the last couple...but against the Sixers he could be more fantasy-efficient with his floortime. He's posted 19 19 20 fpts in his last three, but could be looking more like 20-25 tonight if his teammates sit again.

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