Creating a set of GPP Custom Ranks or Secondary Projections.

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Many have asked for some helpful hints in how to go about constructing a set of Secondary Ranks or a set of GPP projections to use in their Apps.

Your Pro Ranks
First off, it is important to realize that the Pro Projections are based upon what is supposed to happen. Reality let us say.

Meaning that, if all goes according to plan then, this is where said Pro feels all these players will finish realistically.

These Projections are best used for H2H's, 50/50, triple ups, along with smaller leagues. (5 to 20 man) Though they can be used for GPP roster construction by targeting certain players, this only works so well in that these GPP plays may not get included unless targeted specifically. Thus only yielding one of the possible Boom plays in your lineups.

Creating GPP Ranks from your Pro Ranks
What we suggest doing for these GPP rosters is Creating an ALL NEW set of Ranks specifically used for GPP lineups in which you bounce said players up accordingly yet, still adding all the benefit of your current set of Pro Ranks.

Doing this is easy as can be with our simple to use drag/drop Custom Rankings.

 On your main Dashboard you will see "Customized Rankings" Click to enter.

In the upper right corner, you will load which set of ranks you are customizing.

Once loaded you are free to drag whoever you wish up or down to assign a point value.

After you have adjusted the positions PLEASE REMEMBER TO HIT RECALCULTE! You will see all the values adjust accordingly to what you have done. You are free to make as many adjustments as you want to as many players as you wish. Just remember to hit recalculate.

Saving your New Set of GPP Ranks
After you have all your GPP players adjusted be it up or Down & set to your liking, You will then click the down arrow next to "Save Custom Points". In the drop down you will see "SAVE CUSTOM POINTS AS". Here, you name them as you wish, Let's say " Westy GPP Ranks" Once saved you can load them into your APP just as you would any other set of projections & start building those winning GPP lineups now!!

Test it out!
Give it a try for yourself. You wont hurt anything. You will still have your original set of Pro ranks to work from and are NOT changing those. You are only creating a second set based upon your personal plays and gut feelings.

GPP Plays & Point Bumps will now be included in the Pro Articles!

From now on ALL the Pro Articles will not only include GPP plays but they will also include point Totals for recommend Bumps in GPP rankings.
Phillip Rivers / +5    
Tom Brady / +6 ........So if you wish to create a set of GPP ranks you would Bump Rivers up 5 points Brady 6! It is that simple.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any further advice on how to construct GPP Ranks and Rosters.
Also let us know of anything else you feel you would like better explained or would like to see some strategy articles on as we are always looking to add the most helpful content we can for our users.

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