Condia, is he Really that good or does strategy & variance play a larger roll?

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If you have been playing DFS for more then even a few days you have undoubtedly heard of "Condia" & seen the amounts of Cash he puts in play everyday. Nearly by the minute site chats are bombarded with the Condia chatter and questions about everything from Does he really win that much money? To is he a bot? (lol by the way at that one) To How does he do it?

Well, I will attempt to answer as many of the questions that we have seen & received as best I can & will also attempt to explain his strategy and just HOW he does it. I even attempt to answer the question " Can I be a "Condia?"  

So it here goes....

Are Condia & 1ucror a team or the same person?

First let me get the easy one out of the way & say that YES!!! Condia & 1ucror are a team & NO!! They are NOT the same person.

They are just friends that share info. There is nothing against the rules about this.

Is Condia really that good? Does he really win that much? If So, How?

Ok, this is going to be a long one......... The answer to is Condia that Good? Is both Yes, & No. When you track his scores you will find that Condia is rarely one of the highest scoring players on site. He wins few if any GPPs that I have seen.

Condia is however, one of the most CONSISTENT Players ever! He may not score the highest but he scores among the top 2/3's nearly every week. (or night in NBA) That's enough though when playing by the volume he does!

Make no mistake. It is the VOLUME that makes him who he is as much as how well he scores.

Variance... Think of a 50/50

Let us say you enter a 500 man 50/50 & finish 100th. That means you beat 400 other lineups. Same thing in H2h's. Had you entered that lineup against 500 other lineups in H2h's your winning percentages should have been similar thus beating 400 others while losing only 100.

By playing this large of volume he also seeks out & covers all the dead rosters out there by taking up all the lesser experienced players contests & Dead rosters w/ scratches & blanks. Even on the worst of days he will still win 30% to 40% of his matchups thus preventing a total bust week.

It is the Variance that the extreme volume of contests that he enters that allows for his success & at the same time prevents him from ever really busting.

It is the overall Consistency of his scores that makes him such a success using this method.

Can anyone do this?

The answer to this again is both YES & NO. If you are using the APP properly you should be putting up scores more then sufficient enough to win in most regular style contests or leagues as Condia does.

The things that it takes as much as being a good & consistent DFS player are a LARGE enough Bankroll to do this & the COURAGE to put it all in play. Both of which are hard to come by! lol.

How can I get started? Can someone teach me more?

I know I have only touched the very basics here but i hope this at least helps shed some light on how the Sharks do it & maybe even give you a little advice on becoming one yourself.

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